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FEMCO Steel Technology (FST) (KB Steel Shafts)

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Company Information

Mailing Address: 1801 13th St Ste 306
Boulder, CO  80302-5391
Location Address: 1801 13th St Ste 306
Boulder, CO  80302-5391
County: Boulder County
DMA: 751 - Denver CO
CBSA: 14500 - Boulder, CO
Region: 8 - Mountain
Phone: (303) 444-2226
Fax: (303) 938-1855

Contact Information

Owner/President: David Chuang, President
Head of Sales: Brad Sampson, Sales Manager
Other Contact(s): Larry Bodle, Vice President, Operations
  Kim Braly
  Rob Cheng, Managing Director
  Kelcy Joynt, Marketing Coordinator
  Caitlin Minville, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  Rhett Taylor, Marketing Manager KBS Golf Shafts By FST
  John Weber, VP Sales

Business Segment Description

Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Consumers
Segment(s): Component

Company Description

Designed for better players, the KBS Tour shaft was engineered with ‘moment of inertia analysis’ to increase stability from ‘grip to clubhead’ to enhance the results of well-executed swings. By reducing the mass and radius of each step in equal proportions along the shaft’s center line, the KBS Tour shaft delivers optimum stability resulting in efficient energy transfer from the player’s hands to the clubhead. In addition, the KBS Tour shaft incorporated step-by-step Moment of Inertia analysis to reduce shaft ‘interference’ during a player’s well-executed swing.

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