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GolFacts Standard

Location: Enter the location of the facility or property to be examined (Address, Highway/Street Intersection or Latitude/Longitude)

Market Area: Choose how you want to look at the market (i.e., 2 or 3 mileage rings (radius), 2 or 3 drivetimes (minutes), or a combination of rings, drivetimes, county, state, etc. not to exceed 3 total)

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GolFacts was designed for use by golf market researchers, appraisers, brokers, golf facility developers and other knowledgeable users. Filled with essential golf market data, the report can significantly reduce the time required to conduct various due diligence efforts. GolFacts presents an initial overview of the basic characteristics of a specified golf market area. This "first look" is intended to help our golf-knowledgeable clients identify relevant parameters about the market, especially those pertaining to the local golf facility supply and the population that is available to support it. The report also offers comparisons to the state and nation as a whole.

GolFacts provides a cost-effective foundation for conducting more advanced studies. For the GolFacts Report, you would provide a location (street address, crossroads, center of town, or zip code) from which we will generate one or two mileage or drive time rings. Because this product presents a snapshot of the existing and projected golf demand/supply equation, it is especially relevant to individuals or companies that are in the business of buying or selling golf courses.

A GolFacts Report includes:

  • Proprietary NGF golf supply and demand indices for both golfers and rounds played
  • Expansive population demographics, including current population estimates with five-year projections
  • Estimates of the number of golfers and rounds played at the Designated Market Area (DMA) level
  • DMA rankings by golf participation rates, number of golfing households, predicted demand, and number of existing golf facilities by type

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