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Easy Way to Learn Golf Rules

This pocket-sized booklet gives an overview of the rules of golf and provides illustrations on how and when they apply. Some of the subjects covered are: keeping score, on the tee, playing from the rough, ball drop, lost ball, casual water, bunker play, putting rules, use of golf cars, divots and much more. Approved by the USGA. Learn More

Golf Travel in the U.S.

NGF's Golf Travel in the U.S., 2009 edition, focuses on the demographic profile gender, age, income of golfers who played at least one round of golf while traveling in 2007. Profiles are broken out by business vs. vacation golf travelers. The report details the total number of golf travelers, the number of trips taken, the number of rounds played and the number of days away while traveling. Trends in the number of golf travelers from 1989 to 2007 are also presented. The report also describes the media habits of frequent golf travelers with respect to golf-related magazines, viewing golf on TV and visiting golf-related Web sites. Learn More

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