Nicklaus Companies

Nicklaus Companies

Company Information

Mailing Address: 3801 PGA BLVD, Suite 565
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410
Location Address: 3801 PGA BLVD, Suite 565
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410
Country: United States
County: Palm Beach County
DMA: 548 - West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce FL
CBSA: 33100 - Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL
Region: 5 - South Atlantic
Phone: (561) 227-0300
Toll Free Number: (800) 598-0451
Website: http://www.nicklaus.com

Contact Information

Owner/President: John Reese, CEO
Head of Finance: Michael Arciola, Chief Financial Officer
Head of Marketing: Andrew O'Brien, Sr. VP, Marketing
Other Contact(s): Ray Ball, VP Business Administration and Development
  Nancy Gregory, Admin Asst to Paul Stringer, President
  Tommy Heardon, Business Development Associate
  Nick Noltes, Manager Marketing & Communications
  Bobby Root, Technology
  Rob Sample, VP Business Development
  Paul Stringer, President of Nicklaus Design

Business Segment Description

Year Established: 1970
Number of Employees: 100-499
Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Businesses,Facilities
Segment(s): Course Architect
Landscape Architect

Company Description

For close to 40 years, the mission of the Nicklaus Companies has been to enhance the golf experience and bring to the consumer golf-related services that mirror the high standards established in the career and life of Jack Nicklaus.

Company Accomplishments

In October 2008, Golf Inc. magazine ranked Jack "The Most Powerful Person in Golf" for the fifth consecutive year. In just over a four-week period ending in May 2008, Jack received three Lifetime Achievement Awards in three different countries, and he was honored by the China Golf Association, then received the PGA Tour, and, finally, the KPMG Architect of the Year in 1993. He's also received The Old Tom Morris Award 2005 (Golf Course Superintendents Association of America; 2001 Donald Ross Awar


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