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Company Information

Mailing Address: 1 World Trade Ctr Fl 20
New York, NY  10007-0090
Location Address: 1 World Trade Ctr Fl 20
New York, NY  10007-0090
Country: United States
County: New York County
DMA: 501 - New York NY
CBSA: 35620 - New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA
Region: 2 - Mid Atlantic
Phone: (212) 286-2803
Fax: (212) 286-5356
Toll Free Number: (800) 962-5513

Contact Information

Head of Marketing: Nikki Riccardi, Sr Manager Brand Marketing
Other Contact(s): Meredith Bausback, Sr. Manager Audience
  Joel Beall, Golf Writer
  Coleman Bentley, Contributor
  Tom Callahan, Golf Writer
  Ken DeLago, Design Director
  Daria Delfino
  Derek Duncan, Associate Editor, Architecture
  John Feinstein, Golf Writer
  Jeanmarie Ferullo, Exec. Asst. to Jerry Tarde
  Peter Finch, Contributing Editor
  Thomas L. Friedman, Golf Writer
  Will Fullerton
  Chloe Galkin
  Greg Gottfried, Web Producer
  Amy Hartford, Senior Product Manager
  Stephen Hennessey, Golf Writer
  Jon Jacobino, CRM Marketing Manager
  Byrute Johnson, Contributor
  Alex Kaplan, President & GM Discovery Golf
  Hally Leadbetter, Social Media Coordiantor
  Keely Levins, Golf Writer
  Curtis Loop, Sr. Manager, Strategy & Business Operations
  Maddi MacClurg, Golf Writer
  Peter Morrice, Executive Editor
  Alex Myers, Senior Editor, Digital
  David Owen, Golf Writer
  Chris Petruccelli, Executive Director, Finance Discovery
  Chris Powers, Assistant Editor
  Nicole Rae, Social Media Manager
  Dan Rapaport, Golf Writer
  Chris Reynolds, General Manager
  Dan Robertson, SVP, Business Development
  Claire Rogers, Social Media Coordinator
  Brittany Romano, Assistant Editor, GOLF DIGEST
  Steve Rushin, Golf Writer
  Shane Ryan, Golf Writer
  Roger Schiffman, Golf Writer
  Gregory Snedeker, Video Producer
  Michael Sneeden, Supervising Producer
  Bill Specht
  Joshua Stern, VP Marketing
  Stina Sternberg, VP Video Content Discovery Golf
  Carley Strauss, Marketing Manager GOLFTV
  John Strege, Contributing Writer
  Ben Walton, Golf Writer
  Henni Zuel, Golf Writer

Business Segment Description

Year Established: 1960
Number of Employees: 50-99
Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Consumers,Businesses,Facilities
Segment(s): Publishing

Company Description

Golf Digest, Golf World, Golf


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