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United States Golf Association

Company Information

Mailing Address: 77 Liberty Corner Rd
Far Hills, NJ  07931-2570
Location Address: 77 Liberty Corner Rd
Far Hills, NJ  07931-2570
Country: United States
County: Somerset County
DMA: 501 - New York NY
CBSA: 35620 - New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA
Region: 2 - Mid Atlantic
Phone: (908) 326-1256
Fax: (908) 234-9687
Toll Free Number: (800) 336-4446

Contact Information

Owner/President: Fred Perpall, President
Head of Finance: Susan Pikitch, CFO
Other Contact(s): Nancy Auerbacher, Executive Assistant & Events Manager
  Dave Aznavorian, Senior Director, Transformational Initiatives
  Dennis G. Baggett, Managing Director - Open Championships
  Chris Barredo, Brand Strategy & Marketing
  Colleen Boyer, Business Insights Analyst
  Jonathan Coe, Assistant Director, Communications
  Janeen Driscoll, Director Brand Communications
  Ron Driscoll, Sr Manager Editorial Content
  Steve Edmondson, Managing Director, Handicapping & Course Rating
  Joey Flyntz, Golf Writer
  Stuart Francis, Former President
  Marianne Gaudioso, Customer Care Manager
  Joey Geske, Manager, Championship Communications
  Kathy Gordon, Director, Volunteer Services
  Kelly Grant, Assistant Director, Open Championship Marketing
  Tony Greco, Managing Director of Field Services
  Erin Groeneveld, Director, Regional Affairs - Northeast
  Kevin Hammer, Championship Committee Chair
  Ryan Hutchison, Manager, Corporate Merchandise
  Maggie Lagle, Historian, USGA Golf Museum
  Lynn LaRocca, Senior Director, Brand & Marketing
  Abbey Liebenthal, Assistant Director, Media & CRM Marketing
  Scott Lipsky, Assistant Director, Digital Media
  Beth Major, Managing Director, Communications & Content
  Matt Mazzella, Digital Marketing Manager
  Greg Midland, Editorial Director
  Jake Miller, Director, Regional Affairs
  Scott Mingay, Manager, Product Development, RSI
  Joseph Monte, Business Solutions Director
  Mark E. Newell, Former President
  Kyle Nuss, Director, Regional Affairs South
  Brooke Ottaway, Assistant Account Manager, Community Marketing
  Emily Palmer, Chief Member Services Officer
  Julia Pine, Director, Championship Communications
  Jon Podany, Chief Commercial Officer
  Matt Pringle, Managing Director, USGA Green Section
  Tyler Riggin, Director, Regional Affairs
  Steven Schloss, Chief People Officer
  David Shefter, Staff Writer
  Liz Shoemaker, Executive Assistant, Mike Whan
  Joe Sprague, Director, Regional Affairs Northeast
  Mike Sweeney, Director, Regional Affairs West
  Mike Trostel, Senior Content Producer
  Deb Weinkoff, Executive Assistant
  Michael Whan, CEO
  Hunki Yun, Director, Partnerships, Outreach and Education

Business Segment Description

Year Established: 1894
Number of Employees: 100-499
Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Facilities,Businesses,Consumers
Segment(s): Golf Associations

Company Description

National governing body for golf in the U.S.A.


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