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Rain Bird

Rain Bird Corporation - Golf Division

Company Information

Mailing Address: 6991 E Southpoint Rd
Tucson, AZ  85756-9401
Location Address: 6991 E Southpoint Rd
Tucson, AZ  85756-9401
County: Pima County
DMA: 789 - Tucson (Sierra Vista) AZ
CBSA: 46060 - Tucson, AZ
Region: 8 - Mountain
Phone: (619) 661-4493
Fax: (619) 671-4045
Toll Free Number: (800) 984-2255

Contact Information

Owner/President: Anthony Lafetra, President
Other Contact(s): Stuart Adams, Media Planner
  Ramsey Bret, Specification & Corporate Accounts
  Andy Burns, District Sales Mgr-Carolinas/Georgia
  Serge Gauthier, Regional Sales Manager - Canada and Mexico
  Didier Gentry, Golf Sales Manager - Europe
  Chris Grainger, Associate
  Stuart Hackwell, National Sales Manager - Golf Division
  Jeff Hiday, Associate
  Jeff Lawson, Regional Sales Mgr-Western USA
  Pat Loper, Product Manager
  Carolyn Maloney, Channel Marketing Manager
  Scott Pace, Regional Sales Manager - Eastern USA
  Scott Rottler, Sr. Product Mgr. - Golf Central Control
  Mohan Subramanian, Marketing Manager

Business Segment Description

Year Established: 1933
Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Businesses,Consumers,Facilities,Retail
Segment(s): Irrigation/Water Management

Company Description

Since 1933, Rain BirdŽ Golf Division has lead the way with irrigation technologies such as EAGLE (TM) gear rotors, field controllers, map-based central controls, decoders, swing joint, and other irrigation accessories and service plans.

Company Accomplishments

Rain Bird was founded with a single purpose - to transform the science of irrigation technology into a tool for effective water resource management. From this idea, a company with its superior irrigation products began the course of global leadership that continues today with over 130 patents. The Golf Division highlights its commitment to conservation through advanced product design and ongoing sponsorship of several golf-related environmental initiatives. Rain Bird is committed to the "Intelligent Use of Water" and believes its legacy is to design products that provide value and meet strict quality standards. These products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of distributors.

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