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Sipcam Agro

Sipcam Agro USA, Inc

Company Information

Mailing Address: 2525 Meridian Pkwy Ste 350
Durham, NC  27713-2261
Location Address: 2525 Meridian Pkwy Ste 350
Durham, NC  27713-2261
County: Durham County
DMA: 560 - Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville) NC
CBSA: 20500 - Durham, NC
Region: 5 - South Atlantic
Phone: (800) 295-0733
Toll Free Number: (800) 250-5025

Contact Information

Owner/President: Stefano Della Torre, CEO
Other Contact(s): Adam Burnhams, VP Sales and Marketing
  Marsha Fisher, Marketing Exec Asst
  Mike Maravich, Vice President Specialty Business
  Sam Wineinger, T&O Marketing Manager

Business Segment Description

Year Established: 2005
Number of Employees: 11-49
Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Facilities
Segment(s): Facility Product

Company Description

Advan, LLC is a new plant health company focused on serving the turf and ornamentals, specialty agriculture and home and garden markets in the U.S. and Mexico. The company was formed by Mitsui & Co. of Japan and the Sipcam-Oxon Groups of Italy and is owned 50:50 by their respective U.S. subsidiaries. Advan begins operations August 1 in Roswell and is expected to generate sales of more than $40 million in 2006 from a product line enriched through a number of new marketing agreements with Certis USA, Sipcam Agro USA, and Mitsui Chemical Inc.

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