Topgolf Entertainment Group

Company Information

Mailing Address: 8750 N Central Expy Ste 1200
Dallas, TX  75231-6430
Location Address: 8750 N Central Expy Ste 1200
Dallas, TX  75231-6430
Country: United States
County: Dallas County
DMA: 623 - Dallas-Ft. Worth TX
CBSA: 19100 - Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
Region: 7 - West South Central
Phone: (214) 377-0615
Website: http://www.topgolf.com

Contact Information

Head of Finance: William Davenport, Chief Financial Officer
Other Contact(s): Erik J. Anderson, Executive Chairman/ Founder Westriver Group
  Michael Angelides, Director Brand Marketing
  Kara Barry, Head of Communications-Topgolf Entertainment
  Chris Callaway, Chief Development Officer
  Shad Campbell, Real Estate Analytics, Research & Strategy
  Constance DePaula, Assistant to Dolf Berle
  Rodney Ferrell, VP, Global Partnerships
  Alex Goodman, Regional Director, Toptracer
  Gen Gray, VP, U.S. Venue Operations
  Matt Hahn, Golf Services Program Manager
  Shaun Hansen, Regional Sales Director
  Lauren Hoffman, Campaign & Media Team
  Craig Kessler, Chief Operating Officer U.S. Venues
  Audrey Kitzke, Assistant to Erik Andersen
  Amanda Lam, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager-Toptracer Range
  Steve Lane, VP International Strategy and Franchise Partnerships
  Julie Larson, Manager Guest Insights & Strategy
  Jeehae Lee, Toptracer Development
  Andrew Macaulay, Chief Technology Officer
  Justin Norvell, National Director Of Operations
  Lynda Oldroyd, Chief Customer Officer
  Ron Powers, President, Topgolf Swing Suites
  Ben Sharpe, President, Toptracer Range
  Artie Starrs, Chief Executive Officer
  Reuben Taylor, Director Media

Business Segment Description

Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Consumers
Segment(s): Other Retailer

Company Description

Topgolf inspires the connections that bring people together for unforgettable good times. Whether it's a date night, girls' night, family outing, happy hour, work breakfast, lunch hour or any other kind of hour, Topgolf makes socializing a sport - literally. Through the premium experience of Play, Food and Music, Topgolf is inspiring people of all ages and skill levels - even non-golfers - to come together for playful competition. Topgolf also brings interactive experiences to the community.


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