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Touchstone Golf

Touchstone Golf, LLC

Company Information

Mailing Address: 11612 FM 2244 Rd Ste 1-150 Ste 150
Austin, TX  78738-5521
Location Address: 11612 FM 2244 Rd Ste 1-150 Ste 150
Austin, TX  78738-5521
County: Travis County
DMA: 635 - Austin TX
CBSA: 12420 - Austin-Round Rock, TX
Region: 7 - West South Central
Phone: (512) 351-9264
Fax: (512) 351-9296

Contact Information

Owner/President: Steve Harker, PGA, President / CEO
Head of Finance: Carol McGrail, Controller
Other Contact(s): James Birchall, Regional Manager-Northern CA
  Robert Bramlette, Corporate Attorney
  Stan Gonzales, PGA, Regional Manager-Southern CA
  Doug Harker, Executive Vice President
  Samantha Lee, Transition Manager
  Mark Luthman, Executive VP & COO
  Brian Melody, Regional Manager-CO/National Accounts Manager
  Wally Morgus, Vice President Advisory Services
  Robin Morris, Assistant Controller
  Troy Sacco, VP Operations and Sales

Business Segment Description

Year Established: 2005
Number of Employees: 1000+
Ownership: Private
Target Audience: Facilities,Businesses,Consumers,Retail
Segment(s): Management/Owner

Company Description

Touchstone Golf is a recognized leader in the golf course industry providing comprehensive management and advisory services to golf course owners, buyers and lending institutions.

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