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Arcis Golf

Arcis Golf

Company Information

Mailing Address: 8343 Douglas Ave Ste 200
Dallas, TX  75225-5887
Location Address: 8343 Douglas Ave Ste 200
Dallas, TX  75225-5887
Country: United States
County: Dallas County
DMA: 623 - Dallas-Ft. Worth TX
CBSA: 19100 - Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
Region: 7 - West South Central
Phone: (214) 722-6000
Website: http://

Contact Information

Head of Marketing: Chris Crocker, Chief Marketing Officer
Other Contact(s): Peggy Bureau, Executive Assistant/Office Manager
  Dirk Burghartz, President
  Scott Carrier, Vice President of Agronomy, Env Mgt & Cons
  Andrew R. Crosson, Managing Director, Western Region
  Steven Derzanovich, Director, Sales Optimization
  Ed E. Easley, VP Golf Construction Management
  Austin Jones, Senior Associate
  Philip Kim, SVP, Strategic Initiatives
  David Lampe, Managing Director, Eastern Region
  Jeff Levine, Senior Vice President
  April Miller, SVP of Talent Operations
  Dean Miller, VP of Agronomy
  Julian Potter, CFO
  Jennifer Sawyer, Controller
  Mike Schmitz, Managing Director, Investments
  Stephanie Scroggins, Director Capital Management
  Scott Siddons, General Counsel
  Rich Thompson, EVP Asset Management
  Kevin Williams, Director of Business Intelligence

Business Segment Description

Target Audience: Businesses,Facilities
Segment(s): Management/Owner

Company Description

Arcis Golf is a golf management company based in Dallas, TX that was launched by Arcis Equity Partners in June 2015. Arcis Golf provides members and guests with both world-class private club experiences and access to several of the game's premier daily-fee and resort courses through its two distinct operating brands, Castlegate and Ironbridge. Arcis Golf properties tailor each element of the golf and country club experience to a level of excellence.


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